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Rick Royer crosses large mud dunes in a newly discovered room in Memorial Day Cave. The chamber measures 100 x 300 feet with 60 foot ceilings. M. Frisina, 2003

The Potomac Speleological Club, incorporated in the State of West Virginia as the Potomac Speleological Society, is dedicated to caving, conservation and the science of speleology. The PSC invites cavers (and potential cavers) from all parts to participate in the club's many ongoing caving projects and social events. We especially welcome those persons interested in wild caving for the first time. Sport caving is dangerous and should not be entered into without proper equipment and guidance. Ignorance of the cave environment and cave safety is the primary cause of most caving accidents.

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Club News

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Earl leads in Cave Rat Cave

Rushing Headlong in Highland

Highland County racks up 25 new Caves, April 2002 report

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Charles Danforth's April 2002 Cassell Report

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How Dig Projects Get Started, 14 April 2002

Wire Sink Dig photos, 14 April 2002

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Highland County Survey, 23 March 2002

PSC Spring Party, March 2002

Photon Fusion Headlamp Report

Germany Valley Karst Survey, 9 March 2002

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New cave and a rebuilt fieldhouse, all in one day! February, 2002

Day Trip to a Little Known Cave, 2 February, 2002

Highland County Survey, February 2002

Highland County Survey, 26 January 2002

Fire at the Germany Valley Fieldhouse, 12 January 2002

Memorial Day Cave Breakthrough, 12 January 2002

Charles Danforth's September 2001 Cassell Report

Peter Penczer's Article on the Frog System

Grimes Cave

OTR 2001 Across The Gulch Tourist Trip

Carpenter-Swago Re-opened


Chiapas 98, Chiapas Diary

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Five Springs Cave Survey Lineplot, September 2001

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Installation of the Five Springs Cave

Early Survey From Five Springs Cave

Break Through at Five Springs Cave

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Miles and Miles, ala Miles

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Poor Farm Cave

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